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04-12-2009, 12:52 AM
Pictures by the Stooges, on this trip Arntzville and Captain Jack( 1 or 2 shots where Stolen from Disco Kittens set on this location)

Words are by my partner Arntzville
This place has thwarted me for years. I had been to the north campus of Green State Hospital (the one you always see photos of) plenty of times, enough to be thoroughly bored with it. The north campus is occupied by the Job Corps, but it's easy enough to approach the abandoned section from the road without being detected. The building is almost entirely empty, aside from a room of old hydrotherapy tubs in the basement that most people miss anyway. :poke:

The south campus is now occupied by a School of Veterinary Medicine, and although they continue to rehab and renovate the abandoned buildings, there are still a few. The difference is that they are out in plain view among the actively used buildings. They were also rumored to contain much more stuff worth perusing. The campus is also constantly crawling with cops for some reason. Do they think people are going to come onto campus to abduct the bengal tiger, or fuck the sheep? Whatever the reason, every other time I've driven onto campus, I've ended up in a cop's sights before even getting out of the car.

CaptainJack, on the other hand, is somehow invisible. He and Moss and Lopez had successfully breached these buildings a few years back, and he was willing to give it another shot and show me around. We parked in a parking lot full of cars, near a mobile blood donation clinic RV, and made a beeline for the first target. No one looked twice at us, and we were inside in about 30 seconds.

Surprisingly, even though the buildings outwardly bear little resemblance to the north campus from the outside, the insides are remarkably similar. This hallway is exactly like the ones on the other campus, with the exception of the absence of the unique serpentine ductwork blowing air through the grates above each door.


Then, each floor of each building had two large day rooms with curved plaster ceilings (which make for interesting acoustics now that they are empty) - just like the north campus.


Unfortunately, most of the buildings were just as empty as the north campus, too...


...which didn't dampen my excitement at FINALLY getting in here! There were interesting things to see, when we took the time to look behind doors. This was the narrowest enclosed spiral stair I've ever seen. This is a 30 second shot with CaptJack shining his flashlight down from the attic.


A few items remained to indicate the place's hospital past.


CaptJack saw this, but I missed it...


There were some interesting colors, and some goofy wooden window frames. ::)



The second building was cooler, both from the outside and on the inside. It looms up on a knoll, overgrown and shrouded in heavy, rusting metal bars. The violent ward rooms inside were infinitely gloomier, covered on the inside by closely woven heavy metal grating.



This Pack Room was located in the basement where the rest of the heat and hydrotheray units where. We believe it's where patents where wrapped in tightly mummy like in either hot or cold bandages for treatment


The most fascinating thing on the inside was this "Russian" steam bath hydriatic therapy room in a secluded corner of the basement.



The patient would be laid down on the slab, which would be covered by a cotton cloth, with his/her haid laid on a small pillow just outside with window. The door would be closed, and a towel wrung out with ice water was draped over the neck, closing up the opening. A second cold, wet cloth was draped over the temples, and sometimes they even placed an ice pack over the heart (!). Then the hot water vapor would be introduced, and the "steam bath" would last 10 to 30 minutes.

What was it thought to be good for? "The so-called “steam” bath produces vigorous sweating. This greatly increases the breakdown of excess fats and carbohydrates and thus aids in taking off extra weight. Thus, the Steam Bath is very helpful in obesity. But it is also used in chronic rheumatism with obesity, gout, Bright’s disease, chronic alcoholism, tobacco addictions, and in arteriosclerosis unless that condition is extreme."

Sign me up! :rock: