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29-11-2009, 05:26 PM
A couple of weeks ago me and a friend who’s helping make the documentary went to St Peters Seminary in Cardross to get some test footage. It said to be Scotland’s best example of a modernist building and its design was highly influenced by Le Corbusier.
Heres the Wikipedia article about it

So we parked the car in Cardross and walked quite a way to the seminary. It was a wet day raining off and on. The place appeared out of the trees all over grown and crumbling. Nature had taken over with a river running through the place at different points. It reminded me a lot of the film Stalker for anyone who’s seen it. It was really muddy and slippery.

There’s a couple of graph paintings of this gas masked figure about the place which look amazing. Quite dangerous when you go up the floors. Most of the inside of the main building looks too unsafe to walk on but there’s a balcony going round every floor which seem safe and an external stairwell to get to them. The ceiling over the broken alter is pretty much gone now. I heard it was there until not that long ago when there was another fire. I would love to have explore this place before it was trashed and the big fire happened. We got there about mid day so we didn’t have that much time to look around before it started getting dark. Its definitely a place id like to go back to again. Although im wondering about asbestos. Does anyone know if its ok or not. It was really wet when we were there.

Here’s some still shots taken from the test video footage we shot. There not the best quality. There’s some really nice shots in the video with all the water. Ill post a link to the video when I put it online next week.

I’m still looking for people to appear in the documentary so if anyone’s interested or knows anyone who might be interested then get in touch.













You can see the rest of them here.
Ill upload the video this week and put a link here.

30-11-2009, 02:13 PM
Any more of the 'gas mask painting' you mention?

Heres the other two stills of the same gas masked figure just closer in.


You can really see the distortion in parts of the image as its a still from when the camera was moving slightly


Thats the only other stills ive got of the faces. There might be more about that we missed. There was some writing someone had done on one of the walls near the entrance of the lecture theatre type place that sounded cool but i had just ran out of tape at the time. Must have been a famous quote. Something about broken machines.

Ill post the video sometime this week. You can see the rest of the stills at the flickr link i put in my first post.