View Full Version : Archived: lost pleasure gardens at Woodhouse Ridge, Leeds, Oct '09

18-10-2009, 07:21 PM
High on Woodhouse Ridge, Meanwood, Leeds are the hidden remains of an Edwardian Pleasure Garden. Where once ladies would have strolled on terraces overlooking Meanwood Beck, a twisting stream which makes its way past long dead tanneries and warehouses before flowing underground before it reaches the River Aire, today Woodhouse Ridge is home of joggers, wildlife and trees.

I had been looking through a site of pictures of old Leeds recently, and seen this place, back in 1904. Would anything remain? (Leodis snap - 1904)

This was the base of the wooden shelter, forgotten in the undergrowth.

Not the most promising of starts. Perhaps this may be there? (another Leodis snap - 1904)

Apparently the allotments nearby are called bandstand allotments. It was worth a look.

It was at this stage when I decided to apply Urbex Rule #76
The Explorer should endeavour to follow any footpath on site that appears to go nowhere. Footpaths are there for a reason.

I headed off into the brambles, round the back of the bandstand.

Underneath it was dark and nasty. I was without a torch, so flash only readers.

I wasn't going to bother posting, but I thought it was a different and unseen thing.