View Full Version : The forgotten tunnel at Spofforth Castle, Nr Wetherby,Oct '09

08-10-2009, 06:19 PM
Spofforth Castle, owned by English Heritage is a ruin. Where once hunting parties would have enjoyed banquets and high living, now crows reside in the remaining bricked up tower, and a tantalising blocked doorway at the top of a small staircase hints at a lost medieval tunnel, cut into the rock.
http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2622/3993497868_85831d5c77.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3449/3993501468_7a9e158d6f.jpg
However, in the 1800's, steam trains rumbled past these ruins on an embankment. The York and Midland Railway built the embankment and the viaduct, and yet by the mid 1960's, the line was closed.
Today, the embankment is overgrown, and the viaduct leads to nowhere.

I didn't bother taking pictures on top of the embankment. A crying toddler and too many trees prevented anything worthwhile. However, the visit uncovered this interesting double portal.

Clearly, a return visit without kids was going to be needed. A chance couple of child free hours appeared a few weeks later, and I packed the big torch, and slipped down the bank.
The left hand bore was dry, and about 400 yards in length.

The condition was very good, and very dry.

The other end lead to someones garden. How cool to have this in your garden?

Like a lot of tunnels, a long exposure brings out some great colours. This is looking back. I guess water and the plants at the blocked end create the green colour.

The other bore was full of water. Was this dry side an overflow?

A small bridge crosses a small stream/beck/brook (delete depending on geographical location)

The right hand bore. Sadly, I hadn't packed my trunks, and so only a snap from the entrance. Apologies for ridiculous colours. No photoshop, just boosted the fill light and the saturation a bit.