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Mole Man
05-09-2009, 09:03 AM
Roger's Tower is a tiny square folly built on the ramparts of an Iron age fort on the summit of Castle-an-Dinas. It is more a rough stone hut than a tower, fashioned from large irregular stones. The builder then crafted these into the shape of an 'upturned sand castle mould', with a small rounded turret at each corner. The 4 turrets are each crowned with an extra knob of tapered stones. It has open and blind windows at the front and sides, and a single blind quarterfoil above the arched gothic doorway. The tower was built sometime in the 18th century for a Mr Rogers, a local landowner as a belvedere to gaze across the land and sea to St. Michael's Mount.

From the back, you can see St. Michael's Mount on the right.


One from the front:


On from the side, with someone in the doorway so you can see how big it is, itís not as large as it looks.


One of the arched roof inside:

And finally the arty shot of the weed:


Nothing overwhelming but a nice little place.