View Full Version : Archived: Dodge Hill Air Raid Shelter, Stockport - August 2009

21-08-2009, 11:40 AM
After a brief hiatus due to work and an increasing lack of stuff local to explore (no car) I decided to tag along with some fellow Derbians and ventured up to sunny Stockport.

From what I gather Stockport had its air raid shelters built at the start of World War 2, due to the threat of bombing from being in close proximity to Manchester. Today three exist, Chestergate is preserved as a tourist attraction while Dodge Hill and Brinksway have been left forgotten - together they could contain several thousand people. The latter two were our targets.

Thankfully a previous visitor provided some approximate locations for the entry points for both, however we were not fully confident on finding either and pretty much travelled hoping for the best.

Dodge Hill was pretty easy to find, and was where we spent the most time. Despite 60 odd years of abandonment, I was surprised by the superb condition - I guess the unsavoury characters one would expect in such places are scared of the dark :confused:





We went to Brinksway as well, however a lack of time and dodgy characters hanging around meant we made our visit a quick one :thumb