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06-07-2008, 10:50 AM
Ok then here's my shots from our Queensbury Tunnel Explore.
I'd previously been in the Clayton Tunnel with Tinypixi, but not being keen on the whole dark and damp tunnel thing, Mexico75 said he's like to come along :)
I'd kinda set off prepared, 30min high-intensity glow-sticks + 4 torches! (Note to self, still need more torches! Like a big cheap flood from Woolworths!)
Mexico's added a little interesting history so I'll just add a couple of further reading links:
It was sort of interesting to meet a lady and her father on our way out of the tunnel, the old bloke babbled on about his video camera on his bike and how he could download his cycle route onto his computer and his daughter told us how when she was a child she used to play in the Clayton tunnel. The were there because the old guy wanted to see the Tunnel as it was now, he'd been on t'old t'internet and found some history on t'old 'Googlé (pronounced with an accented E' :D

The Entrance portal, the other end of the tunnel being flooded:
Light painting and messing at the first ventilation shaft / rubble near the portal:
Serious light painting of the calcified (hope thats the right term for stalactite type stuff) wall which was covered in troglodyte snot Fenix TK10 shon really close and dragging it through the water in the gutter as I made the exposure:
Mexico75 setting up shot and 2 pairs of my feet, light trails from my headlamp and light painting movements:
More light painting fun, this time got in really close with the torch to pick out the corners of the refuge, then I tried writing 'pdtnc' :D:
Nice wall grunge:
Dumped and rusted drums, light trails n' all:
Close in on the tracks with the torch:
Shooting the shot:
Fallen lining:
Old steel drum:
Mexico75 doing a spot of light painting:
Trying the dramatic back lighting of this pile of vent-shaft rubble, it took a bit of RAW tweaking to get this to come out on the computer, 3 torches set to rear of mound:
The same scene lighted properly:
The obligatory 'two ravers with glow sticks' shot:

Full-er shoot here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pdtnc/tags/queensbury/

A fun day out :) Cheers.