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26-07-2009, 09:58 PM
Visited with Skin. Was a wonderful day out and the asylum has gone down hill since my last visit. Most disappointing thing of all was that the old fashioned medical equipment had been taken. :( There were some awesome evil-looking things in that lot that were a feast for my twisted imagination. A lot of the corridors have been demolished but there's still plenty of things to see and enjoy.

We were out til late and we got to see the local bats flying around. They're fascinating and cute little things although I know many people out there would disagree with me. There was also what I'm sure was a rabbit and a gorgeous fox. It's a wonderfully peaceful place at night as well as being filled with some very interesting sounds of nature. I highly recommend going to the back of the chapel late at night if you want to see the bats just skim past you and to hear some weird stuff in the bushes.

A Nativity scene.

This place had some kick-arse fire places.

A main hall with lines on the ground for sports...so that's where my subconscious stole that idea from!


I think that Piglet ate and drank til the stuffing came out of him...heed this warning of the hazards of over indulgence. ;)

A rather intact bathroom.



Could someone please tell me what barrier nursing is?

A beautiful rose. There were some wonderful rose and buddliea plants around the site.


To see the rest, go here:http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r92/Dystopian_Wanderer/Talgarth%20Asylum%202009/