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21-07-2009, 08:32 PM
My First Report (so be kind to me).

Culdees Castle was built in 1810 and later remodelled in 1867 when some additional parts were added on. There seems to be much less history available about this place than a lot of Scottish houses. I parked nearby and walked up a long windy drive/path through a typically open field with coos and sheep and the massive fancy trees that a lot of these houses seem to possess.

Buried in a profusion of Rhododendrons, the first thing I noticed was that the roof was on the main still on and a lot of the windows were intact. I guess the remote location has stopped any wholesale vandalism.


I walked around to the left hand side of the building and found a large green door/gate in the wall. Pushing it open, I soon realised there was a fair amount of rubble directly behind the door and I might have been able to squeeze through but I'd have had to leave my tripod and rucksack out in the rain (which I wasn't keen on). The squeeze also got me thinking that if I needed to leave in a hurry for any reason, it wouldn't be possible so I headed off for a scout around.

Scouting around the building for access I saw a main door all covered with dense and well jaggy bushes so managed to find an alternate route in.


Inside, you are immediately struck by the shear amount of rubble, water has caused all the ground floor floors to give way and most of the plaster to fall down. Many of the ceiling joists have come down along with wiring so there is quite a lot of stuff at head height to navigate around and footing is a little treacherous.


There are a number of rooms off the main hallways, a lot of the rooms are blocked entirely by fallen debris, there is a large number of openings in the ceiling throughout allowing you to see to the upper floors.




There were a handful of relatively easily accessible downstairs rooms, at one end of the corridor was a heavy looking metal door that gave me the creeps, I didn't attempt to open it, there was also another room which was very dark inside with what looked like large pigeonholes made of slabs and brick (possibly a wine cellar or cold storage of some sort).




There are parts of the ground floor which are nicely preserved (for a place of that general condition) and there are curtains still hanging and a fair few lightbulbs, fittings and switches where they were left.




On the way towards the back of the house I have a look at some ceiling/floor joists which were visible and decided that it wouldn't be a great idea traversing the upper floors if possible


I made my way outside again where i found a set of stone steps leading up to a raised porch with a glass roof. I was pretty wary at this point as I didn't fancy any of the remaining sheets of glass to drop on me.




From this point you could see the upper part of the main stairwell and some of the rooms. The bottom section of the stairs had fallen down some time earlier leaving a radiator mysteriously hovering, just waiting to join the rest of the decayed architecture.




I came back down from the porch and walked the outside of the building through yet more jaggy bushes, at one point I noticed an opening possibly leading towards a basement but I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood to jam myself down a tiny pitch black opening. The walls extend into more dense impassable undergrowth and there was no obvious points of entry to the place with the green door from earlier.

I decided that the building had been good to me and that I didn't want to outstay my welcome so decided to head back, just as I was making my way back through the house, I noticed a smaller staircase which could be reached at a squeeze through some downed rubble. I decided to call it a day though and maybe come back to investigate that (if I feel brave) and the green door and possible yard (and I read somewhere possible Chapel) that might still be there.

The rest of the set can be seen here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/erstlaub/sets/72157621638459297/). I think only contacts/friends can see the big versions so please just add me to your flickr and I'll get you back asap.

Hope I didn't bore you too much.



22-07-2009, 02:47 PM
Chapel can be seen in the RH side behind the wall.

I got busted by the neighbours when I was there who accused me of allsorts!

They're not keen on people turning up & getting inside & are even less keen of people posting pics up on the internet!