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20-07-2009, 10:59 PM
what started as a relaxed explore turned into a game of cat and mouse with security after the initial dodgy entry i found myself walking through the vast corridors in this place only to be disturbed by voices from outside

ignoring the voices thinking it was just my imagination i carried on

stopping for a little rest i looked out of one of the windows into the courtyard to see the courtyard gate open...thinking it was odd that it was only the day before the gate was locked doing a little recce mission ...anyway i carried on exploring

5 minutes in...looked out of another window to see security mooching round the grounds....hiding time

15 minutes later i emerged from a room and carried on...10 mins later seen another high viz jacket lurking around the other courtyard....more hiding

another 15 mins later emerged from what i think was a canteen and carried on

explored for about another hour before i called it a day..i couldnt relax the only other worry now was the way out and off the land...

after i exited and started walking away i heard a car ...i hid in bushes by the water tower and it seemed to stop...car door opened and slammed then drove off....thinking i was in the clear i carried on....10 mins later another car..again stops door opens slams and drives off...they clearly knew i was in there..surely this much security presence wasnt normal

anyway found myself on a farmers land and started to head for where id parked ...a little while later a car comes driving up...stops and asks if im lost ......seems to be the farmer and his wife....i said yehh im trying to find the footpath...they both looked puzzled and his wife says footpath? where have you come from i pointed to where the car was parked and said over there...she just said well go back the way you came...i said yehh thanks ill try that....then she said if you walk up here turn left then right then left it will take you out onto the main road....so i did

knowing this was going to be my only and possible safe way out i had to carry on through the farm and down through their drive

10 mins later sat in the car going through pics when a white response van rolls up alongside ...i put the window down and ask him whats up ...which he replies "your on goverment land"....i acted dumb and said really...he said yehh youll have to leave.....then he asked what forums i was from...again i acted dumb....and said i was thinkning about going in but decided not to which he replied "well if you have any external pics can you please remove them from your camera"...i replied yehh sure no probs....and to which he drove off...after saying "your number has been logged aswell"

on with the pics....