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20-07-2009, 04:20 PM
Dunno if any of you ever visited places like this in late primary or early secondary school years. Its an outdoor pursuits centre for kids run by the SEELB - or rather it was. When I was following the Circuit of Ireland rally I came across it again completely by accident and seen its now been closed down & up for sale.

Naturally, it would be rude not to take a look around , just a quick 20 minutes or so to nosey.

The building itself is in a reasonable state actually. No signs of vandle damage or signs of weather damage. Seems its been empty from 2004, and they are asking 850k for it. Manys a good craic was had my meself and many others im sure when on school residentials here.

The history bit:
John McKay was the son of a poor farmer from Cabra and had worked on the Gartlan Estate but after a major row stormed away telling the Gartlan's that he would return with as money as the Gartlan's had and build a bigger house on an adjacent hill. This he did having become a successful businessman in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. He was a draper and made a lot of money by buying and selling boats and ships. He built Cabra Towers at the end of the 19th century. He died in 1922 and bequeathed Cabra Towers to his daughter who never lived in it. It was sold in 1935 to Sisters of St Joseph, New Jersey and became known as Cabra Convent.

When the nuns left it was bought by South Eastern Education and Library Board as a base for Outdoor Pursuits. The Education Board still own the property though it is now largely disused.

from here:


The main gates chained up these days

Lawns to the front of the house

The impressive front of the main building



The rear enterance where bus loads of kids were dropped off to fall into streams and hear ghost storys about the place for 4 days at a time

The required random chair shot

Lion head detailing on the old drainage gutterings

Up the fire escapes looking over the County Down countryside towards the Mourne Mountains

Sadly there was no access to the building itself available, all doors securely locked (I did try them all) or boarded up. All the fire escapes up the back of the building are in tact and still safe, I did venture right up to the top for a wee nose about.

Couldnt even get in through the skylight :(


Promise next explore will be more exciting!

More pics here:http://http://s131.photobucket.com/albums/p298/difference_album/Abandoned%20Buildings/?start=0

20-07-2009, 04:34 PM
Not much at all in the grounds, but then there never was, all you find is:



concrete/stone 'thingy'

Oh, and a patio

thats about it!