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20-07-2009, 01:06 PM
Visited with 'Bunkerkid' on our 'Cold War Day' sojourn:thumb

Whilst picking up an Air Raid siren, stopped by some local posts in the area.

LITTLEPORT was opened in August 1960 & closed in October 1968.
The hatch was reported welded shut back in 2007, when last reported on 28 D/L, so was not expecting much.

The hatch is now open and is only secured on the T-bar. Luckily I had mine to hand and descended down the shaft, like most 68's not much has survived.
The 3 bunks and the post cupboard survive along with an Ops table proped up inside the toilet area.

At some time a small fire must have been lit as part of the wall is charred!
Other than the above the post is very dry, which is good:thumb
The hatch was re-secured on the T-bar after our visit.:coffee


The post lays in a compound just off the side of the road in a field, a nice drive by post:thumb


Only the bunks remain, along with the smashed up cupboard:( But the post is very dry which is good for a 68 closure:)


Ubiquous 'Up-shaft' shot:)

20-07-2009, 01:11 PM
Good work. Unusual that a tbar would still be working on a 68 closure :-)