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05-07-2009, 11:40 PM
explored this place the other morning with a couple of friends (not forum related)

also known as mosside hospital

the new ashworth is just a stones throw away from this one and is visable near the perimeter

arrived at site at 3 in the morning and made our way in very dark and very wet
it rained for about an hour solid and was pissing in through the roof

for those who dont know ashworth its where ian brady is now kept

but heres a little extract

Ashworth Hospital is a high security psychiatric hospital in Merseyside located in the north Liverpool suburb of Maghull, England.

Ashworth is one of the three "special" hospitals in England and Wales, along with Rampton and Broadmoor, that exist to work with people who require treatment in conditions of special security due to their "dangerous, violent or criminal propensities". Ashworth was formed from the merger of the old Moss Side Hospital (originally a learning-disability unit once used for the treatment of "shell shock" in World War I) and the vastly more modern and considerably more appropriate Park Lane Hospital, opened as a Broadmoor overspill unit in the early 1970s.

The hospital has had a mixed history and has been the subject of two major public inquiries; Blom-Cooper in the 1992 and Fallon in 1998. It currently houses some 275 male patients.

The old East site of the hospital has been leased to Her Majesty's Prison Service, and is now the location of HMP Kennet.

In the surrounding area of Maghull, Lydiate, Melling and beyond, Ashworth is noted for the weekly test of its alarm system, sounded at 9:00AM every Monday morning. Such an alarm system is audible in much of the surrounding area, as far afield as the outskirts of Kirkby and Skelmersdale. This alarm system is intended to warn residents and institutions of escapees, of which there have been two in its history as a psychiatric hospital.














last but not least the huge fence surrounding....