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28-06-2009, 01:03 PM
I made a trip down to Hastings with a view to seeing the pier. However, I was physically unable to get onto it, which was a shame. I was suprised that the pier where I remember having an ice-cream with my parents and our previous dog a few years ago had shut. I also went there because I love the seaside, I had annual leave to use up and I forever look for opportunities to get out of this town.

Visited Hellingly with Patch, Chubs and later met up with Little Miss Bump and her friend. Had been here a few years ago at night and it was nice to see the place in day light. Hellingly didn't smell like other abandoned hospitals but perhaps that was on account of the corridors now being open and exposed to the outside world. It was an very grey but warm day and although they moved too quickly for photograph, there were two lovely robins hopping around in the bushes. :)

Although a lot of graffiti is just mindless vandalism, there were some gorgeous pieces in the main hall including one that had me totally captivated of an angel with a gun and two dobermann dogs. I love detailed pictures of angels and demons. There was a cool demon there too but sadly some idiot had spoiled it by drawing a phallus over it.

The angel...if anyone has a better quality photo of this that they can let me use as my desktop wall paper, please do let me know.

The demon. The person who defaced it also wrote a fitting description of himself alongside it.

Simple but really cute. :)

Killer robots are awesome!

A ghostly Victorian gentleman.

The Main Hall. The blue and white of the ceiling is a lot like the place I dream of except there are these winged shield things where ceiling arches meet wall, kind of like a church.




I loved the sinister clown with grenades.


To see the rest of the pictures, go here: http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r92/Dystopian_Wanderer/Hellingly%20Asylum%202009/