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18-06-2009, 09:29 AM
Central London District Sick Asylum was erected in 1898-1900 "in the country" at Colindale. The site cost 12,500 and the foundation stone was laid on 6th June, 1898. Its layout was based on the pavilion system with separate blocks connected by a central linking corridor. A central administrative block contained offices, nurses' rooms, the boardroom and chapel, with kitchens and laundry to the rear. At each side were placed two two-storey ward blocks: one for TB patients, one for children, one for infectious children, and one for casualty cases. In 1913, the hospital was sold to the newly formed City of Westminster Union. In 1920, it was taken over by the Metropolitan Asylums Board as a sanitorium for advanced TB cases. In 1930, control passed to the London County Council then, in 1948, it joined the new National Health Service & renamed Colindale Hospital.

Visted with Randomnut and Catscratch after a rather fustrating and long day, with fails at St. Clements and Springfield, we thought why not Colindale as we were in the area. A bit rushed as time was not on our side and the place was alive with builders, but a good time had by all.

Recommend if you want to see this place get in there quick as the bulldozers are well into knocking the place down.


Catscratch doing her stuff :)