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Trying to get to see the old abandoned tube tunnels on London Transport, is generally a 'No,No, now adays due to the hightened Security & Health & Safety issues:(

But being a member of Subbrit does have its merits!
Spending an entire day in parts of long closed off sections of stations was mind blowing:thumb its amazing whats behind those little doorways on the platforms:ohmy

An organised trip through a member who happens to work for LT saw me and 12 other people crawling along access tunnels, climbing ladders and going where no member of the public had been since 1965:coffee

When the new Euston station was built along with the Victoria line, access tunnels along with parts of the Northern line had to be realigned and new escalator tunnels dug. This work resulted in big sections of the old Station being sealed up, along with abandoning the lift shafts etc.

What remains is truly a time warp, tunnels with old posters on the walls, abandoned sections of running lines, massive lift shafts, and stairs by the score, along with the original Euston Station surface Building.

It was dirty and filthy down there, but that just formed part of the experience:thumb
On with the pics.

Most of the tunnels only had a few lights every so often adding to the wierd feeling of walking in the past!


Emergency spiral stair case to the surface, The stairs having long been removed, note the tiles still in place though:ohmy


Part of the abandoned Northern line, (Southbound tunnel). New tunnels were dug and realigned during the rebuilding.


Looking down onto the Northern line from an airshaft with a train passing underneath:thumb

Standing inside the Northbound tunnel, (Northern line), the line to the right leads off onto the Kings Cross Loop. Being this close to an underground train in the tunnels was a real experience:thumb

Part of the connecting tunnels that use to be used for access onto the Bank Branch.


The posters along the walls are now real gems of a bygone era:thumb Time has stood still here:)



"Eye Lad! and those were there days when you could get a return to Ipswich and still have change out of a pound for a pint & some chips":D


Motorcycle racing at Crystal Palace on Easter Monday!:coffee

Old Euston station lift shaft! With a pass to "Access all areas" we went everywhere:thumb
These were the sorts of ladders we were climbing to gain access to tunnels etc! Some were very high:ohmy

Further photos can be found here:

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That is great mate, a really excellent report of a place you never see. Good work mate :thumb

14-06-2009, 11:06 PM
what can i say, FANTASTIC!!!!!

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Ooooh this is good :D
I love anything to do with the underground!

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Brilliant! This looks very cool, would love the chance to do this! Nice one Tankman! :thumb

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Minter - those posters, just great.

15-06-2009, 05:34 PM
Its an expresion used all too often but that truely is epic.

btw who would want to go to Ipswich even at that price?
Its full of inbreeds and weirdo's

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Nice work again, the posters are great as are some of the tunnels.

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What a brilliant experience. Lucky you!

vanishing days
16-06-2009, 12:02 AM
wow amazing i wish i could see it first hand

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Thanks everyone for your comments:thumb
It sure was a life time experience:coffee
I even had to throw a 'sicky' at work as they would not let me have the time off:(

This was something I was no way going to miss!
Truly epic and words & pics cannot convey the real atmosphere that was down there and at every turn!
Next stop CAMDEN:secret

A few more pics!


The Film, "The Creep" springs to mind instantly, with, 'The Jams' classic track, 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight' playing in my head:jester


Exploration at its best! On hands & knees crawling through the Underground:w00t Whats at the end of this tunnel????

Hope I tryed to get across some of the unseen! Down there:thumb