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29-06-2008, 10:06 PM
Clayton Railway Tunnel - June 08

Nice location and an easy walk to Clayton or Queensbury tunnels, Wellies are going to be in order for Queensbury another week.
Some Info here (http://www.lostrailwayswestyorkshire.co.uk/Queensbury.htm)
Tinypixi isn't all too keen on these dark places, bit scary and boring for her, waiting for me to make multiple 2 minute exposures and playing about with different lighting. I could happily waste hours in the darkness playing with lighting things and shooting stuff.
We made it down to ventilation shaft 2 and then did a U-turn and came back as it was Teatime and we'd spent a couple of hours in there.
I don't think Tp would like going much further than we did!
I'd like to do a full length explore if anyone fancies, and doesn't mind hanging around messing with torches and camera?
http://www.flickr.com/photos/pdtnc/ - the bigger shots.

The Portal, which is down a very steep gradient, dodgy footings getting down (found someones torch half way down the banking too, left it inside the Tunnel near the door, just in case its yours and you are reading this!):
Looking back at the Entrance door (When leaving please close the door) Available light from the door only:
Looking back at the door with some light painting:
Turned around and looking the other way, Light painting-a-go-go:
The first ventilation Shaft:
Red gel over torch onto fallen bricks:
Green Gel onto fallen bricks;
Bucket got hole:
Purple Gel over 2 torches backlighting bucket:
Ghostly lights hovering around bucket (this was actually my old Flash unit with a purple Gel over it):
The Boot, top lighting from single torch:
The Fenix taking a drenching from the falling water on Vent-shaft No.2, this was casting some awesome dancing lights on the tunnel ceiling, and as the torch bezel/glass filled with water and a drip hit it it kind of flashed with the water carrying the light like liquid fiber-optics (35-worth of torch chosen to get wet rather than possibly frying about 10-worth that might not be water-tight!:
Some old iron-work from the tracks:
Shaft No.2 fully lighted with torches:

Photography: Caonon 400D, Sigma 10-20mm, crap old flash which I fired off camera while taking up to 2.30min exposures at f8 and 100 iso. Tripod and cable release and a wooley hat keeping the camera dry from tunnel drips!

Lighting: Fenix TK10, SolarForce x2, LED Lenser headlamp, Upgraded 3D Maglite, cheap coloured gels bought from ebay, and the already-mentioned old flash unit fired off with its test button.