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Thin Ice
12-06-2009, 09:50 PM
Social Services Site, Hull, Report 09/06/09

The name of this site Iíve forgotten, and donít know enough about it to find out (without walking all the way back up there and finding out and Iím too lazy). But it must have been something to do with Social Services/ Family Planning or thereabouts.

I found this location entirely accidentally, I was out to see if a certain northerly Hull explore was still around (after finding it on GE and confirming its closure on Hull Council archives from 2006/7) but a collection of epic direction failures and freaky Bransholmers meant I ended up on the edge of Sutton upon Hull, giving up I decided to head home when I noticed out of the corner of my eye portable fencing and immediately realised I had stumbled upon another building undergoing demolition, one I never knew of.

I guess I wasnít meant to find the original site, but this one instead, for some bizarre reason.

I never did find out about that original site and I have no intensions of trying again for it, unless I get loaned the Humberside Policeís Mobile HQ vehicle and a waiver for any potential improvements (I mean damage) that I might end up doing while driving it through the north of Hull.

The building is in a later phase of demolition (both authorized by contactors and unofficially by local Chavs). So there isnít much left to the place other than a few relics and some rooms. I believe there was a live security presence on site as I heard their generator going but they must have been sealed up in their cabin and didnít care that by the sounds of things a war was going off inside the building next to them (I bumped into and knocked over a empty fire extinguisher that was about 3 metres from the cabin on the other side of a wall). Didnít help that my tripod wasnít all that useful in here as most things where too high up for my tripod to help (thus the crapness to mach the location)



I think that this was a special bath/ sink so that mothers (or nurses) could clean small children and babies.


There was an Crapper with a series of wires and circuit boards attached to it, to make some sort of possible automated crapper for elderly and infirm peoples (going by the support banister next to it.


In the Kitchen the hobs and stuff had been launched across the dining hall and lay in a crumpled pile, but the gas main they where attached to was in surprising condition.


Perhaps, most surprisingly the most out of place thing within the building was a pencil portrait that someone had drawn on the wall for all to see until the picture was covered by a mirror (which was smashed by chavs I guess when they got in post-closure).


With day light approaching I decided to go home to bed, as I left the building someone linked with the demolition must have turned up as when I left the left driveway a sizable yellow vehicle was driving up the right driveway at the other end of the building.