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10-06-2009, 05:32 PM
This is old info! And has only filtered down to me recently:secret
But historically these tanks are worth big money even in the state they are in, to collectors.

Already 3 people have been arrested trying to steal one of the tanks:laugh

The Cold War lives on at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, where dozens of half-entrenched rusting tanks continue to defend Bulgaria from a NATO ally.

If you enter Bulgaria from Turkey through the border checkpoint at Lesovo the first thing you'll be greeted by after passport control will be some tanks lurking on both sides of the new, EU-sponsored road.

Don't panic. They've never fired on anyone, thankfully, except for drills. You can even stop to inspect them if you like. No one will halt you, which will lead you to surmise that the decrepit pieces of machinery have been abandoned, save for the clusters of snakes that have made them their homes.

Not my pics, but worth a looksy:thumb


A dug in German Stug!


What appears to be a Hetzer!


Dug in T-34/85 Turret.


The Bulgarian MOD have started to cash in on these relics! and are now recovering them to sell to collectors at big bucks!

Here's a link to some news on them:thumb