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Mole Man
31-05-2009, 08:56 PM
Found this on the way up to look at a roman fortlet, should have got some pictures of the church as this was not like anything I had seen before, hope the other person that was with me took some, if so will post them up when I get them.

Durisdeer Church in just about 20 miles north of Dumfries, has the Queensberry Monument, Queensberry Mausoleum and a Burial Vault under the Mausoleum which it was not possible to get into.

The mausoleum built for the First Duke of Queensberry between 1695 and 1708. Originally built against the medieval church, this then had the 1720s church grafted onto it after the medieval church's demolition. Inside is a marble tiled floor, in the centre of which is the black marble slab marking the entrance to the burial vault. Above it is a huge and intricately carved marble canopy standing on four marble columns. On the back wall is the large marble memorial to the Second Duke of Queensberry and his wife Mary, which was erected in 1713.