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24-05-2009, 11:02 PM
Not a usual target for me - more of a ruin than derelict but turned out a very pleasant explore. Ive not shown it in my pics but there is a basement level also, although very collapsed, is still accessable.

The Buchanan castle was built by the 4th duke of Montrose after the Buchanan House was destroyed by fire in 1852. The duke comissioned William Burn to design a new home on higher ground. The castle was completed in 1855. After the death of the 5th Duke of Montrose in 1925, the Castle was sold to the Grahams. It was used as a hotel for a short time in the 1930s and was used as a military hospital during the second world war. It's best known patient was Rudolph Hess who was treated for injuries sustained while parachuting into Scotland. The roof was removed in 1955 to avoid paying tax on the property and the castle quickly deteriorated into the state shown in these pictures. It should be noted that no Buchanans ever lived in the castle!

The Rudolph Hess connection attracted me to this location - fascinating stories and deceptions surround this leading figure of the war era.

Very overgrown - its much larger than I could capture effectively

the old main door - theres a shield of arms above the door sadly covered by ivy






personally my favourite find - a majestic fireplace


thanks for looking