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21-05-2009, 01:21 PM
Another wee hospital from me!

"Buchan erected a Combination poorhouse at Bank Road to the south of New Maud. Construction work took place in 1867-8 and the building opened in January 1869.

A central wing at the rear of the main building contained the dining-hall and kitchens. Other utility buildings and workshops lay at the rear of the site. These included milking parlour and piggeries.

The 1881 census indicates that two of the four poorhouse live-in staff were 'lunatic attendants' - one for women and one for men.

According to present-day staff, the grounds at the rear of the poorhouse were originally used for growing potatoes and oats. The land was ploughed by hand by a team of male inmates. The oats were taken for grinding at a local mill. The pathways were made from cinders from the poorhouse boilers.

The institution was taken over by Aberdeen County Council in 1930 and became Maud Home. In 1946 an official report noted that it had a total of 160 beds for 'ordinary poor, harmless lunatics, mental defectives and chronic sick.' The building was described as having 'narrow dark central corridors, with dayrooms and dormitories on either side, enjoying neither cross light or cross ventilation'.

The home transferred to the National Health Service in 1948 as Maud Hospital and closed in 2008."

Couldnt see an obvious way in plus its fairly maintained as the grass was cut and flowers watered!
Looking through the windows it's stripped out and all thats left is groovy carpet and curtains =]




Mortuary, picture taken through the window but it looks mint!!