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20-05-2009, 07:50 PM
Driven by this place so many times and always wanted to stop but never did until today:thumb
Visited with Bunkerkid.

Listed on the outside as Maryland College and once owned by Beds County Council, it use to be a Teacher Training College.
Closed in 2003, its remained empty ever since, was reported as being converted into flats. But this never happenened. Now a sight of its former self.

But a sinister past lurks within this building, its use during WW2 remained a :secret until 1990! When along with Bletchley park the story of the Code breakers was told:thumb

Throughout the war it was the centre of Allied print operations.

Fake German newspapers and all the propaganda leaflets dropped on the enemy were designed there.

When Pearl Harbour was bombed in 1941, the US asked Britain for the expertise they'd built up through Maryland. The British agreed, but only if they could have a destroyer in exchange, the Americans promptly handed over a ship, although to this day, no-one knows which destroyer we got as payment.

On with the pics:


Maryland in its Teacher Training days! circa 2000!


Today the College is no more and is lays abandoned and forlorn, it has extensive grounds to the rear as well.


One of 2 main halls on the ground floor most of the fixtures & fittings have been stripped out.


Ground floor corridor runs the entire length of the house, with loads of windows, this place is never in the dark:thumb


The ivy is taking over at the rear, this window is nearly been obliterated:lol:


Impressive entrance now only opens onto an empty drive, where scholars once tread:(