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20-05-2009, 02:03 PM
I last visited here on a freezing night in January with TC. It was a few days off being closed down. That night, lines of silent locomotives waited to be coupled up and starting their final journey down to the breakers yard at Rotherham.
When I made this visit nearly a month ago, I thought it may be worth checking out the maintenance shed, last used in 1987. Trees are now growing where track once was. Much of the track has now been lifted.

Inside the shed is large, empty and suprisingly pikey and chav free.

Long pits run the length of the shed, allowing access to the underneath of the diesel locomotives.

The green is stuff growing on the barrel.

There is not that much machinery left. A couple of guages and a hopper thing are in a dark corner.

An old machine is on one side of the workshop. It looks a bit like a sharpening machine.

Upstairs is fairly empty and decayed. A compulsory lonely chair. Bonus points were to be had with it being in a corridor.

Most of the furniture had gone from the staffroom

I am blaming the quality of this shot on the fact my foot had just gone through rotting floorboards. However, any shot with a kettle on is usally worth inclusion into any report.

Also upstairs was the locker room. There was some Glitto in here, but my shot was rubbish. Shame, as it was an exciting moment nevertheless. Today only pigeons use the lockers.

Any railway man (or woman) worth their salt in the 1970's and '80's would have to have a moustache. It was important to keep these looking smart at all times.

Outside the maintenance shed is a carriage.

The dark shades on the ceiling are part damp, and part smoke damage where kids have tried to set it on fire.

Upsettingly, this reminded me of the sort of view you see on reconstructions of railway accidents. Except there would be people screaming and dead.

Lines of troublesome trucks are slowly rusting. These are ballast trucks. Only a few rocks remain inside.

Got time for a few trains shots? Here is a shunter. Sadly kids and taggers have got to this part of the yard. Still, it is good.

Inside the cab of a rusting locomotive.

Sad that these will soon be cut up by the breakers in Rotherham.

Sooner or later this place, once one of the busiest shunting yards in Britain will be gone.
Ghost train.