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18-05-2009, 06:03 PM
Located a stone's throw from the odeon cinema in Donny is the old Girls Grammar School. Closed for as long as i can remember, which is as far back as 1992 & located on the site of the old college.
Regular anti-Pikey patrols are in the area, along with some cctv cameras, which is a mixed blessing as it preserves the site against the pikies, but also makes it a little difficult. In the end, i only had 15 mins in there, as i got ambushed by a pir in the dark:busted:, so not a great deal of pics unfortunately...

The "Old School" (Girls Grammar school) was built in 1910, with very ornate architecture! There are plans by the DMBC to turn this into a hotel retaining the features.

The Old College site

Minor Hallway

One of the classrooms

Another Classroom. This must have been used as part of the college at a later stage, as it looks like a "Painting & decorating course" was held here, the writing on the blackboard's a dead giveaway! :D

Kitchen area

Stairway, with Ornate handrails.