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17-05-2009, 12:14 AM
Not UE related but since not many people go to the archives? I thought a brief explanation of whats available might help some people:thumb

Located in the Hampshire Archives at Winchester, is the main body of ROC related records. Most of the collection has been donated from the relative areas after stand down, however this is not complete in any way!

Some areas are covered well and others are non existant, due to no records being filed:(

I had a good day out searching through maps, plans and some real serious paperwork which really brings home what was expected of personnel if the balloon went up!
The Transition to War file was serious stuff, marked :secret this made good reading (yes I did copy it):thumb
You can check the on-line catalogue what they have on file, so you can do some homework before you go:thumb

Heres the link:


Well worth going if you are serious about ROC stuff:coffee


One of a number of Recruitment posters in the collection.