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15-05-2009, 06:22 AM
This is a pretty exclusive area in Singapore known for high end modern homes, old
colonial bungalows and chic new restaurants, all nestled in amongst lush green jungle.
So it was interesting to hear that hidden amongst all this was an abandoned Bruneian
student hostel.

Brunei had not much in terms of a educational system back in the day, so every year
beginning in 1950 they sent select groups of 20 students (12 years old and up) to school
in Singapore. These students were all housed at this location.
In 1975 the site had to be expanded and a new multi storey dorm block was built to house
more students as well as trainee government officers. In 1982 the site was finally shutdown.

Today the site is a mess, but strangely enough the Singapore govt are still obliged to
maintain the grounds and cut the grass. From the lack of graffiti at this place, it's obvious
that most Singaporean's are still oblivious to the existence of this location.