View Full Version : Railway Crane, Leeds May '09(ARCHIVIED)

12-05-2009, 08:07 AM
In 1758, an Act of Parliament was passed, and Middleton Railway in Leeds became the first railway in the world. It was built for transporting coal, the fuel of choice for the Industriual Revolution, from bell pits in Middleton. Nowaday it is run by volunteers and doesn't carry coal anymore.
It has got lots of steam trains awaiting restoration, rusting quietly outside. However, today's mini report is on a small railway crane.
Ridiculous, over processed picture, complete with it's very own dust spot.

The crane was built by Thomas Smith and sons, world famous crane manufacturers from Rodley, a village on the outskirts of north west Leeds.

A view inside the cab. A closer examination of the snap may reveal a man doing some painting. Quite rightly he told me off. As a result there was to be no opportunity of me scaling the jib. fail

I know that some people like these sort of pictures.

As well as the crane works, Rodley was originally home to Rowley workshop. So what? I hear you say. I'll tell you why. It was there that Dusty Bin was built.