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11-05-2009, 02:40 PM
Visited here last year with Melvin & Lost.
My photos are incredibly crap, I deleted the originals :snore
and now i've tried to make what I have viewable.

This is one of theeee best places I've ever been to with such a great history.
The house is actually in the middle of nowhere.
It's only about 170 miles North Aberdeen, but half the road is single track past Inverness so 20 mph it is.
I can't find any old photos of this place what so ever :/

"For sale, needs 1m worth of work:
The only home in Britain that can boast interiors by Coco Chanel"

As the mistress of the Duke of Westminster she was given carte blanche to decorate the house, then owned by the duke.

But now it needs more than 1m of repairs to save it and a new owner is being sought. The deep beige wallpaper is peeling from the walls and the colour co-ordinated cream, beige and green painted walls are fading with the dust.

"Coco Chanel was the last person to decorate this house," said Audrey Graesser, whose grandfather bought the property from the Duke of Westminster in 1928.

"Nobody has touched anything since her and, for almost the past 40 years, the house has been completely empty.

Coco Chanel, who was born Gabrielle Chanel in 1883, was at the height of her social, sexual and professional progress in the 1920s when she met the Duke of Westminster.

Coco & The Duke


She remained his mistress for a number of years and was so inspired by the tweeds worn by the hunting and shooting set that she used it liberally in her designs.

"In addition to the beige wallpaper and simple colours,there is one rather jazzy room which has hand-painted French floral wallpaper and a bidet, reputed to be the first in Scotland, in an upstairs bathroom she designed."

"Each of the public rooms has a simple wooden fireplace which is complemented by Coco Chanel's choice of colours.

It's now rumoured that Mohammed Al Fayed has bought this place!!


Here the suit looks like the lounge!!

http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg95/Gorecki01/ue1/2270280011_d9825bca45.jpg http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg95/Gorecki01/ue1/cocochanel.jpg




The Floral Wallpaper