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05-05-2009, 03:11 PM
Sunny weather. Some steam trains. There's a couple of boxes ticked. Wasn't going to bother posting but then I rememebered I liked these pictures.
Arley Station- another one on the Severn Valley Railway. It runs from Bridgenorth to Kidderminster. This is a tiny station, and I would imagine it has looked like this for nearly a century. Although the line is a heritage one, it was originally a mineral line before Doctor Beeching closed it. More about him later.
A not dissimilar viewpoint to the one I drew and painted for my GCSE art exam. Sadly I don't have a copy of my course work to include on the report.

A train steams in to the station

Trucks in the siding. In the distance, the tracks disappear.

Signal box. Although not the original, this was recued from somewhere nearby. Wait, is the door open?

The teatowel is to prevent the sweat from the signalmans hands pitting and corroding the levers. Fact.

More recent inventions enabled the signalman to communicate up and down the line with other signallers. Before, bells and a machine which moved a token from oneside to the other were employed. Sadly I lost any ability to control a camera at this point and subsequently deleted all pictures of the aforementioned device. You'll have to make do with the phones.

The carraige over there is closed, and has a door marked PRIVATE on it. What a shame, as it is a sleeping car. If only I wasn't carrying my small boy.

Actually, that is no reason to not explore. Father and son (aged 2) enter the sleeping car.

This single cabin was the only one unlocked. It looks bigger than my flat.

I took this on the way out. I love it but have absolutely no idea on how it happened. Any ideas?

The waiting room.

And looking out.

Old school Sunday night mum fodder in pre Heartbeat days "Oh Dr Beeching!" was filmed here.

Terrifying isn't it?

Apparently steam train tennis is a very popular sport around these parts