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04-05-2009, 12:05 PM
The station was opened on 10 August 1896 by the Glasgow Central Railway.[1] Also known as Kirklee for North Kelvinside, it was closed between 1 January 1917 and 2 March 1919 due to wartime economy,[1] and closed permanently to passengers on 1 May 1939,[1] with the line being closed on 5 October 1964.

The station building was designed by famous architect Sir J.J. Burnet who earned his knighthood on the basis of his design for the extension of the British Museum.[2] The construction of the station was controversial in the 1890s as it destroyed a local beauty spot known as the Peatree Well.[3]. Little is known of the station's use after closure but a photo taken in 1959 appears to show it in use a private house.[4] The station buildings were demolished in 1971 having fallen into disrepair.

The bulk of the station site is now occupied by blocks of apartments, however the platforms partially remain in place to the south, beyond the supports for a bridge which has since been removed, and just before a long tunnel leading to Botanic Gardens railway station. A telegraph pole dating from the line's operation is still present just before the mouth of the tunnel.
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Took the dog down to the botanic gardens for a walk also wanted to try find kirklee station after a failed attempt the day before ( damm google co ordinates!!!!!!! ) after some hill and thick bushes we were there!!! just a couple of pics kai was too excited will be goin back sometime this week and i'll get through the tunnel without crazy dog wantin to chase every rat in glasgow ( chavs btw not the wee furry ones!!!!! )

PLatform Heading towards botanics ( train side not way i was facing )

Deep in amongst all the rubbish and mud a sleeper

platform heading back towards Maryhill central

Bricked up end of platform chav decorated!

Kai looking pleased with his first explore!

Entrance to botanic tunnel

Tunnel graffitti

and some more

will be goin all the way through this week. not sure about takin the dog right through.

thanks for reading!!