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03-05-2009, 07:16 PM
A 91 closure & a Master post, Wolston is one of those 'Holy Grail' type posts you sometimes come across whilst out looking! The only thing was I was not the one that was looking at the time:thumbd

A chance visit by a newb! on another forum inadvertently visited this post and did not realise what he was photographing:lol:

A Teletalk along with complete comms was in this sess pit of a post!

It had me and BK in hot pursuit to the post to try and retreive said items for our own Resto, from Mr. Farmer who owned the post.
After helping him retrieve most of the items he said thanks and Buggered off back to the farm. Completly stunned:mad: Anyway lesson learnt:thumb Enough said.

The post was flooded to a depth of about a foot of water and most of the items were soaking wet. The ceiling had a lot of water droplets all over the place
and it stank to high heaven of stagnant water.

The farmer said he was going to pump it out and restore it! yeah right I believe you:wanker

The post is now secured with a big block of concrete over the hatch so entry is now strictly 'Verboten'

At least I can claim the fame of being the last person down there:coffee

on with the pics:


Sitting in its own compound and right by a main road, Don't know how the TT & equipment stayed in place so long!


The mattresse's were all soaking wet and fell apart when I tryed to move them.


The TT was completly drenched and damp, probably US as a result.


The surprise, was the inner door was originally locked! Who ever smashed it in obviously did not know what they were looking at as the TT would have been taken:confused:


Instructions for connection of complete comms link up etc.!


The board just crumbled as I reached up to take the WB.1401 off the wall, such was the damp in the post:thumbd