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01-05-2009, 01:00 AM
Located behind another potential HUGE explore i found this while attempting a recce on the above.
The original building dates back over 500yrs. It looks like it was extended to the east side, this side of the building is pretty unscathed from the fire though we didn't investigate due to what sounded like a potentially large dog been in very close proximity.
Although i cannot find any information regarding its early history more recently it was a doctors surgery. Was talking to a colleague who used to live in the area and he remembers an incident where the owner of the practice was jailed over some drugs scandal though i can't confirm whether or not that's true.
From what is visible the building is severely fire damaged due to an arson attack on 10th November 2006. The building has remained in a pretty sketchy state ever since. I wasn't brave enough to go inside, looked too dodgy to me. The main front of it has collapsed, there's some lovely period features and some pretty impressive decor. Impressive fireplaces, decorative walls, doors and ceilings hint at what was once a lovely home. Some charred furniture still remains and a melted TV.

I'm gonna revisit at some point, it started to rain and i didn't get the shots i wanted. There's more to see.

A few photos:

From the front

...and again showing extent of the collapse

What looks like the remains of a study upstairs, hangs on the edge

Note the decor at the top of the walls, i forget what its called

Moving round the back...

And again, the collapsed middle section of the building

Cant believe it stood there for 500yrs before some pillocks decided to torch it.