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28-04-2009, 02:26 PM
OK First of all, this place was serioulsy not what I expected but the history is kind of cool which is why i'm posting it!!

Had the day off work so P & I decided to have a drive and see what we could find. I remember Wolfism doing a report on a little saw mill ages ago and I thought it looked ok but was never in the area so didn't bother.
Yesterday we drove through the little village so made a point on going to it.
Passed it in the blink of an eye, reversed and got a few snaps.
Carried on the road and you know you come across these huge estates, well we drove into one looking for treasure.

Fothringham Estate to be precise.
We drove down the muddy road and noticed the doocot on the right and some gardners cottages with cars outside. Hmmmm nothing here I said to Peter.
We turned a corner and noticed what looked like a log cabin painted white. Away to get out the car and investigate more when a man came up and asked what we were doing.

Taking pictures of old things for my university project of course!!


"Ach weel" he said. "Gimme twa minutes and I will show you some things"

Ace! ... I thought.
He told us to follow him in his car and off we went.
Turns out he was the caretaker and lived on the estate all his life.

A few minutes later we arrived at the old curling clubhouse.


A tiny little log cabin type structure which hasn't been used since 1952.
It looked out on to the old curling pond which has now become overgrown with plants.


Inside a wall had collapsed, the windows were boarded up and a few boxes lying about on the floor.


The boxes were used to keep the curls in.
Sadly no curls left.




You can just imagine the wee benches all around the room and the men dappered up ready to go play!


That was all really to photograph in there, he was hovering around me so I couldnt really dig deep for things lying in the mess on the floor :/

Next it was off to the sawmill behind the clubhouse.
Closed down 5 years ago.







The original house at the estate was demolished in 1953, and that was also when the last hanging of a canibal was on the nearby hill!!
The sawmill was used mostly to make fences for the estate.
The white cabin we seen when we first drove up to the estate was the old hall where dances took place. Local country dancing also took place there.
It's now used as storage.
We thanked the man for showing us about and off we went.

Here's a couple of the little sawmill we went to first!!
Completley trashed and a death trap.
Point and click and get the hell out!!!