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23-04-2009, 05:22 PM
Here's a rubbish one for you...

Hidden in the woodland, and carved out of a large sandstone outcrop called Nanny's Rock, are these caves.

This picture was used on a G Martindale postcared sometime between 1910 and 1920. Originally it was sepia. It is one of the great mysteries as to why Buster Merryfield was photographed here.

The history is sketchy, but it is believed that "nanny" was a white witch, an old lady who could protect someone from witchcraft, aid with healing, assist in property loss and also tell fortunes.

In addition, these people, often known as "cunning women" could provide love magic, potions and spells. Goodness me.

Nanny's Rock was also reputed to be a hideout for a local highwayman, who would have robbed the carraiges on the nearby lonely roads.

The caves are also known as Meg o' Fox hole, possibly named after an inhabitant, or a Christian hermit.

The flue of the chimney is still refered to as the devils chimney.

Today the caves are one of many around this part of the Midlands, slowly eroding away. There is rumoured to be a tunnel connecting this cave to the Drakelow shadow factory and deep level shelter nearby. In my considered and learned opinion, I think this is rubbish.