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22-04-2009, 06:08 PM
Ambergate, Derbyshire, plan G. A day of exploring had been met with new sheets, bolts and boarding so far, and things weren't looking too clever. However, after much frowning, the urbex gods had a change of mood, smiled and suddenly we were on...
Francis Hurt built Oak Hurst in 1848.The Johnson family, of the nearby Bridon Wire, had the house enlarged.

In the early 1900's it was a retreat for the local Diocese, later becomeing flats in the 1970's, a venture that wasn't too successful. By the mid 1980's the company that owned it were bankrupt and it has been abandoned now for nearly quarter of a century.

Inside is ruined, with floors down, and joists hanging precariously from crumbling walls. Rumours of a haunting are rife on the internet. No spirits were seen today.

It had been a tense journey through the inside of the house. Sooner or later things will give way and there will be more collapsing. Eventually after moving tentatively through fallen ceilings and roof beams we reached a courtyard.

The half buried door to flat 3.

Things felt slightly safer in the courtyard

Doors led off into workshops and outhouses.

A range was in one of them, rusting and unused after a quarter of a century.

I loved the detail on the drainpipe. I am a bit sad like that.

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Here's one I forgot of Mrs Mangel. Off Neighbours.