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22-04-2009, 02:47 PM
Bit of Line info first courtesy of geograph.org

A journey by foot, train and bike along what remains of the former Glasgow & South Western Railway line from St Enoch in Glasgow to Princes Pier in Greenock. The line ran inland to Paisley, following the valley of White Cart Water and the site of the former Glasgow to Ardrossan canal for much of the way. It then ran through the rolling Renfrewshire countryside to Linwood, Bridge of Weir and along the course of the River Gryffe to Kilmacolm before dropping downhill to the industrial towns of Port Glasgow and Greenock.

From 1959, the line closed to passengers in stages from the Greenock end, but a passenger service to Kilmacolm ran from Glasgow Central (after St Enoch closed in 1966) to Kilmacolm until 1983. The track was then lifted from Kilmacolm to Paisley where the line still served a fuel depot for Glasgow Airport. At the Greenock end, Princes Pier became Greenock Container Terminal (now Greenock Ocean Terminal) and part of the line was re-opened in 1971 for container trains, joining the Glasgow-Wemyss Bay line at Cartsburn East Junction in the east end of Greenock. That section of line is now disused and overgrown, but the track is still in place although the points at Cartsburn have been removed.

wee bit more to add here. feb 09 kilmacolm bridge demolished which was part of this line. apparently the last tunnel on the track hasnt been fenced off yet! hopefully get a few peeps together and try cover the whole line.

first repoert..so go easy on me LoL

First up Lyndoch street station looking east


Lyndoch Street station again looking west


Track intact just before cartsburn tunnel


Old can of bru


Tunnel in sight


Locked, would have went climbin but sister has insanely white shoes on and DIDNT WANT DIRTY...Note to self...LEAVE AT HOME!!!!!


How the What the WHo the HuH!!!!


had to do the dash as construction workers appeared....they only went and started knocking down the connecting bridge, apparently because they are knocking down the belville st high flats they had to demolish the bridge for their big knocker down thing to get good access GrRrRrR...so theres no chance this line will ever be used again.

went further along to were the old BR goods yard was and the tunnel is still there kinda half hearted fence thing up...again would have went in NOOOOO MY WHITE SHOES!!!!!



theres a load of this track i wanna get in amongst...including 2/3 tunnels and access to GOT

So if anyone out there has any colour shoes except white and dun mind them gettin dirty get at me through this thread an we can complete the inverclyde tunnels!!!!!

thanks for reading!