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16-04-2009, 10:22 AM
Bit of a story round this one. I will detail it below LOL

Visit one:- 7.30am Saturday, I arrived and started scouting the fence and the usual places that give access to find the whole thing is very well sealed up. The security hut is right next to the water tower but it's easy enough to avoid. As I got round the back a small portly security guy appeared as if from a wormhole and asked me my business. I got told that outside pictures are fine but due to asbestos contamination I couldn't and shouldn't go inside. I left and had a great time at Hellingly.

Visit two:- 22.00 Saturday, I went back and had a really good poke around under cover of darkness, the place was only three miles from me so I would've been a fool not to. This time I found the tightest hole I have ever squeezed into and got a few interiors. I decided to return the following morning so I could get in during daylight hours.

Visit three:- 6.00am Sunday, I arrived to find that the hole I had used just a few hours previously had been nailed shut, I was stunned that security were that good. Had a poke around some out buildings but most have solar panel powered PIR sensors so I gave up and fucked off. So ends my visits to this place :p







SOLAR powered security, LOL


Annex only built in 1985, now trashed but uber sealed unless you have a ladder. The fence is also more formidiable than it looks from this picture.


A few from inside on my night visit