View Full Version : G.L.Murphy machinery, Menston, W.Yorks, March '09

03-04-2009, 10:40 PM
G.L.Murphy Machinery Manufacturers in Menston began trading in 1930. After the second world war, they were making their leather tanning machinery, as well as cable stripping reclamation machinery. There seems a certain irony that todays visit is to a wire stripping machinery place.

Part of this place is live, and the other part is sadly inaccessible for someone like me who enjoys ramming pies into his fat face.

What's great about this place is how much cool stuff is in such a tiny place. Imagine, if you will, a room the size of your lounge, with a large version of NooNoo from Teletubbies in the middle, and remnants from the bastard son of Fred Dibnah and George Haigh, the Acid Bath murderer left discarded. And a bit overgrown.

Lets go in a bit closer shall we?

Is this possibly the most exciting remnant to be found on any explore in the UK today? Why then, did I elect to take such a weak, blurred picture of it?

To be honest, this is a place for close ups. Apologies for the lack of long range views. They were crap. It was the detail here that was fab.
Look, these are big rubber gloves. But how cool are they?

Doorway to nowhere

Even the fuseboxes are tremendous in here.

The edge of NooNoo. No full views of the cheeky vacuum cleaner i'm afraid. I was probably too busy eating tubby toast. Or being frightened of being caught and trying to convince someone that taking pictures of a clapped out boiler is normal behaviour.

Ooh, a funnel. You can almost here the clanking of the machinery and the gloop of tubby custard.

Pressing this would stop all the machinery. Ideal if your work colleague had just been trapped in the machinery.

Off to check out the lavatories.

Inside the ladies. (so to speak)

A tantalising view in what could have been.

Did you see the rubber gloves picture that I posted earlier in the report? Don't worry if you didn't. Here they are again.