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01-04-2009, 01:01 PM
Sadly, I unable to tick most of the boxes in the "Premiership explorer" check list. In no particular order, I am scared of heights, spiders, unsafe buildings, exploring on my own and trespassing. Clearly, an opportunity to go somewhere alone would need to be a bit different. Checking my "places to visit when I have no-one to go with" list, I got in the motor, and set off...
Armley, a down at heel area of Leeds, has three major landmarks. Armley Mills, now a museum and HMP Leeds, (Armley Gaol to you and me.) I'm at the third today, and arguably the most famous, Mike's Carpets.

Originally a methodist chapel, it was built in 1905. Detail from one of the hoppers.

Inside the porch of the chapel. Beautiful glazed tiles can be seen.

You don't see this sort of stuff in modern building.

Above the porch door is boarded up stained glass. Much of the carpet place is boarded up, to prevent further damage from kids chucking stones. Because it is a carpet and bed warehouse it is important that it remains dry.

Inside, and the orginal chapel design is clear to see. Arches and carved pillars survive from it's original purpose.

Carving on one of the downstairs pillars.

Mikes Carpet's went up for auction in 2007, at Elland Road. Sadly, it didn't reach the guide prices, and so it remains as a carpet place. I believe that the chapel has lottery funding to get the building back to it's original state, but can't be sure.

It's clear there is an upstairs to this place. The staircase is dusty and in parts damp. Boarded windows mean it is dark. Eventually I reach the upstairs landing. In front are locked double doors. More about that soon. To the right, I open the door.

Inside is fairly empty. It will have been used more recently as a store room I guess. A stained glass window is unboarded. It looks double height. I was unable to see what was above.

Coat hooks by the door.

Disused fireplace

Back out and up to the top. Only a small toilet was up here. The chained double doors can be seen.

It was impossible to see clearly through the two mm crack between the doors. The top floor looks derelict. Pillars are on both sides of a large room like downstairs, and the ceiling looks like it is down in parts.
It's time to leave, as the place is shutting. There are more places to see here. Underneath the downstairs is apparently vast and dark. There is also another staircase leading up on the other side. More rooms are over there.
I loved this place, and hope that things go well for Mike and his carpet. If you want some carpet or a bed, why not pop along?
Hopefully someone will, and get more pictures of a great old building.
Last view on departure

Not really sure if this counts as Urban Exploration, maybe estate agent exploration. Still, I enjoyed it, and there are loads of places like this around. All you need is a camera, permission and good manners.