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29-03-2009, 08:55 PM
Not exactly the best post around but was in the area so payed a visit, Visited with Tankman.

This post has a odd background as it was opened in February 1961 and closed in October 1968, but because Etwall ROC was closed the post was Re- opened in 1975 and finnaly closed in September 1991.

Subbrit link,
http://www.subbrit.org.uk/cgi-bin/webdata_roc.pl?fid=988381175.012002&query=Post%2BName%3Dmelbourne%26OS%2BGridRef%3D%26 County%3D%26Date%2Bopened%3D%26Date%2Bclosed%3D%26 Location%3D%26Description%3D%26Surface%2BStructure s%3D%26Date%2Bof%2Bvisit%3D%26Future%2Bactions%3D% 26pagenum%3D1%26cgifunction%3DSearch&cgifunction=form

Stinger level: 10/10

Nosey people level: 2/10

Anyway on with the pics!


Somewhere in there, lol


A close up of the hatch


The hatch now partly rusty with only 1 padlock left


Mysterious hole:confused:


FSM with paint in good condition


Ventalation louvers which Tankman had to attack to make visible:lol:


Remains of compound fencing

Also saw a Pillbox on the way home

Tankman will probably post more pictures of his later.

Any more pics wanted just PM me:thumb

30-03-2009, 03:25 PM
Ah! the return to Melbourne:lol:
It bought back such fond memories of weird people lurking in a layby, asking is this where the ROC Post is:D MD & Goldie the return of......

Well it must have been about a year ago, but once again up for a visit to the in-laws and a chance visit to escape for a while and check to see if anything had changed----- NO!

The usual brambles remembered me with such fondness, that they attacked me with vigour, as if to say welcome back.!
I like last year, retaliated with full force of my swagger stick and beat the crap out of them:smclap

Clearing the way around the FSM pipe and Rear vent for some pics!
But this year a secret weapon:secret was being used for the first time:D

Not FSM Cam, but AV Cam:idea

Here are a few secret pics of Melbourne:lol:


AV Cam in use for the first time:secret reveals the sump and relatively dry shaft of Melbourne ROC.


The underside of the Hatch cover!


Ah! so thats where the vent is:ohmy


The enemy in front of me! But beaten back by my swagger stick and size 11 boot:lol:

AV Cam is still in its infancy;) but better things are hoped of it in the near future:thumb