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18-03-2009, 11:59 AM
High on Saddleworth Moor and a number of reservoirs, water courses and sluices.

Entrance to Hell.

Many of the reservoirs are out of view to the motorist on the M62 between Leeds and Manchester and beyond, but two of them are visable. Dean Head, or Scammonden is the most noticeable, and was built in the 1960's, flooding the village of Dean Head. Apparently the foundations of the village were last visable in 1994 at low water. I'm not there today. Oh no. I'm at Booth Wood, a bit higher up on the other side of the road.
Here's some facts, fact fans.

The reservoir was the last of 3 – Baiting, Ryburn and Booth Wood – to be built to supply the Wakefield area. Look at this baby.

It was built on the Ryburn in 1966 at a cost of 2 million, and opened in 1971.Sadly no water is coming over the sill today. :(

At the base, a stream of water gushes out. It originally supplied 2,540,000 gallons of water per day. I don't know what it does now. Sorry.

There is some good concrete things at the bottom. I guess these are to break up the water. I love the iron in the water that has turned it orange over nearly 40 years. This is not where Lyles Golden Syrup comes from.

Liquid gold.

How cool is this?

At the other side of the pool at the bottom is this. This looks exciting too.


On the other side is a ruined bridge.

These doors give access to a series of pipes inside where the water perculates down. Importantly, they are large enough for a T.V camera (not full size) to be sent to check for leaks. I hope there are none today.

On the motorway above, a couple of dull explosions could be heard, and then the screech of sirens, as a car set on fire. The driver and passengers were ok. The orange, above the sill are flames.