View Full Version : Tiviot Dale tunnel, Stockport March '09

09-03-2009, 07:19 PM
Although Tiviot Dale station closed in 1967, the line remained until disaster happened in 1982. Here's the western portal, backfilled nearly to the top.

During work to the nearby M60 (then the M63) part of the tunnel roof was damaged. Here are soome of the roof supports where the damage happened.

Above the supported section in the middle is St Mary's church. The straight supports are constructed out of railway tracks.

Underneath them there are the remains of a few wooden sleepers. I prepared for a visit to a very dark place by leaving my tripod in the car. Most of these pictures are with the camera balanced on the rubble, or with *whisper it* flash.


Both ends of the tunnel are back filled with rubble to about four feet of the roof. This is a view back towards the west from the top of the rubble. you can see where the brace has been chocked with bits of wood to make it fit.

By 1986 the track had been lifted. It had been built in 1865, and is 225 yards long. Sorry about the championnship photos. I would have returned to the motor for the tripod but after a "challenging" arrival on site involving rather too much panicking for a man of my age, I decided against it. Theres a lesson to be learnt readers.