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07-03-2009, 11:47 PM
This was the sports and social club of the once massive British Shoe Corporation in Leicester. I think it was built around 1970, and presumably closed in 1996 along with the company. My mum used to work for the company so i can remember this place back in the day. It was decent as far as staff clubs go, with many bars, lounge, sports bar, snooker room and conert room. Outside it had a massive sports field, childrens play equipment, tennis courts, and a large car park. There used to be regular sunday car boot sales and on bonfire night there were brilliant firework displays. I had passed the place and noted the windows facing the fields were smashed up, so i thought it was going to be trashed. However, apart from a few broken windows the place was mint. The rooms were clear of debris apart from natural decay, and thick cobwebs hung in corners. There was not even any evidence of pikey damage! It is fairly bare inside, but I wish I had taken more photos as there are a few cool things.

Sign facing car park

Main entrance

Main coridor

One of the many bars

Bar wash up area

Concert room