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01-03-2009, 11:21 PM
Originally, the Severn Valley Railway opened in 1862 and ran until 1963. It linked Hartlebury, near Droitwich, with Shrewsbury, a distance of 40 miles. Two years later, enthusiast purchased a closed 5-mile section of the Severn Valley line from Bridgnorth to Alveley, and within two years, they owned an engine and four carriages. Today, they have 10 locomotives available for traffic, and another eight in various stages of restoration. Here are some of them.
This is an Ivatt Class locomotive.

The London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 is a class of steam locomotive designed for light mixed traffic. They are often affectionally referred to as Mickey Mouse. A total of 128 were built between 1946 and 1953, mostly at Crewe. This one was built in 1950 in Crewe.
Today, only seven have been preserved. This is the only one currently in operational service.

Carol Thatcher's favourite jam?

The footbridge


The Great Western Railway (GWR) 5101 Class or Large Prairie is a class of 2-6-2T steam locomotives. These locomotives were medium-sized tank engines designed for stopping passenger work. As such they were to be found all over the Great Western Railway system. The original design was by G. J. Churchward in 1903 as the '31XX' Class & thus was later modified by C. B. Collett. They were designed for passenger work and were a development of the earlier 3100 Class.
There are only 10 left in preservation, and only 4 are operational. Out of the 10 left, 7 came from Dia Woodhams scrapyard in Barry, Wales.

E6006, today at Bewdley Station. This loco has also visited the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, Yorkshire.

A little something for the motorbike folk out there.