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22-02-2009, 09:17 AM
Driving by the other week and noticed this pub, went back yesterday for a further looksy!

With the arrival of the railway in 1838. A new inn was erected on the main road (A508), in 1839. Located on the crossroads to the village, main road and what was then the station approach road it could not have been in a more central location for passing trade. it was originally named the 'Robert Stephenson' after the engineer of the London & Birmingham Railway, it became 'The George' in the early 1840s.

The pub served the local community for over some 160 years, but the 'Death' of the pub, like so many came about from the restructuring of the main breweries, (Charringtons) and with new tougher Drink/drive laws/smoking ban, and stay at home drinkers, sales dwindled and the pub appears to have pulled its last pint some time in 2008?

Now in a state of being demolished. Its just another one of England's pubs that are disappearing at the rate of 6 closures a day!!!

Here's a few pics!


On the junction of the main road & village/station approaches this pub was ideally located for its intended trade:thumb The old station house on the right.


Already partially demolished the remains won't be around for much longer.


Stripped of its fixtures & fittings now only the shell remains, even the floorboards in the upstairs rooms have been removed:confused: But those lovely curtains in the windows remain:thumb


At least the police won't have to keep an eye on this pub no more:lol:


Down in the cellar the pumps & machinery stand as 'Silent Sentinals' to 'Last Orders'.


I closed the door on leaving:( Another pub gone!

More pics can be found here:


27-04-2009, 08:59 AM
Drove by today on the way home!

'The George' is no more:(

Its been nearly demolished. The remains have fallen into the beer cellar.


Now you see it:p


Now you don't;)


The barrel chute can just be made out in the left corner of the pic:thumb
Anyone need a cheap security alarm:lol:

More pics can be found here: