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27-01-2009, 11:56 PM
Sometimes too many pictures are a bad thing. Today I could have posted three seperate reports of this place, as it's great. I'd first seen it last year, but it looks like these vehicles have been slowly rusting next to the road in Wortley for a long time. Bear with me on this one, as I'm a bit rubbish with my car knowledge, so if some stuff is wrong, then sorry.

Here's an AC 2 litre saloon. It was probably built in the early 1950's. It hasn't rusted away as the body is made from aluminium. It would be hard to drive away as the inside is full of bits of wood and brambles and it has no engine.

On the other side of the scrapyard/garage/garden are these old JCB's. Joseph Cyril Bamford launched the construction and agricultural equipment company that bears his initials, in 1945.

These ones were supplied by Tates, Earthmoving Equipment in nearby Morley. I don't know when though.

Here's some more earthmovers

Inside one of them.

There are some great old lorries here, but I haven't posted any pictures. Don't panic. That's because I wanted to put the army things in the report instead.

These guys are Bedford QL's. You can still see some lettering on the wing.

The Bedford QL was a popular war-time lorry. Drivers loved its visability and four wheel drive capability.

The Royal Airforce and the Royal Navy used these lorries too.

This is a tail light on one of the Bedfords.

This is inside one of the Bedford lorrys. I love the clip on the handbrake. The red is a road cone.

They're actually not in bad condition. Bodywork could be worse, and the wood on the back seems ok. It's probably not beneath the surface though.

Next to the Bedfords is this Ford CMP

The Ford and Chev' CMP (Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles) were produced between 1940 and 1945 by Ford and General Motors of Canada.

They were produced to British Military Specifications and were produced in Canada largely because production capability was not interupted by the War.

I love the windscreen on these vehicles. Not just the shape, but the fact it has gone cloudy.

Well done for looking through such a lot of pictures.

28-01-2009, 11:03 AM
I drive past this each day, did you ask permission as there are some large dogs here LOL

I did a couple of panorama shots here last summer :thumb