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25-01-2009, 09:13 PM
Short story ...a report on what i thought was a school but turned out to be a nursing home too maybe after it was a school as its in the older part of the building,if you are going to go in take a dust mask and it dose smell too,the floor on the top floor seems a bit dodgy where its wet.

Long story....So with my new (borrowed) camera and 2 accomplices a weekend of exploring was decided ,so Saturday we did a recci on a new (old) house in Hartlepool which as far as i know hasn't been explored yet but looking too secure and getting dark we decided to go to the salt factory as one of us was on his first explore, so we thought a risk free trip would be good for him.While we were in the offices same place as we saw a car drive by last time we saw another ...a police 4x4 with a camera on the roof, on our way to hide (in the overpass) one lad fell down a hole in the floor so we didnt really get many pics in there (its well coverd anyway) and after the police had gone we decided to have a pop to Billingham house,there is some good views from the top but nothing much else of interest in there and that was day 1 .So Sunday we decided cherry knowle sounded well worth a visit but when we arrived there was a big fence and 2 security guards one of which objected to my photo taking so we left, a coin was tossed and Gainford (school i thought) was chosen over the oil place in Middlesbrough.There is 3 buildings on this site one is burnt and dosent even look worth going in one is which i thought the main school building that turned out to be like a nursing home inside ,and one that has been a school with blackboards and obvious classrooms .(not sure if i an say but if you obviously do exploring you can pm for access details)....In the main building it stinks and i would recommend a dust mask and maybe a peg the local chavs have been in and a homeless but its not too bad,ive got some pics but they are not very good as i still don't have a tripod and was more interested in looking around.
The main building which must of been used as a care home im sure it was a school before that .

and old keyboard thing we found in the main house part

Ghost explorer we found invading the chair shot




This is the building which looked in a bad way that we didnt bother with


This is the part with the class rooms

In the gym there is loads of graffiti in here but its blocked off from the rest of the building im not sure why they have the fall protection in.


once again there isnt many good pics but to me its more about the explore altho i am aiming to get alot better with my camera ,i was actually dissapointed with how little amount of pictures i got today....