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Thin Ice
09-01-2009, 12:36 PM
Cornmill Hotel, Hull, Report, 9/01/09

This site is one of two that were high up on my ASAP list though various incidents screwed around shunting it up and down places over the last few weeks. But feeling lucky today I decided to go do Cornmill.

Cornmill Hotel was a 60-bedroom hotel that closed in February 2007 when workers and staff simply walked out after not being paid for a long time, leaving behind everything. Eventually Pikies moved onto the site and made a massive mess of the place after a couple of months the council got them evicted and sent in a industrial clean up crew to sort the place out. The crew removed 80 tons of waste and some asbestos before sealing the place back up. Last I knew the site was supposed to be reopening in this new year under new management, but looking at the state of the place on the outside and what I found inside they must have meant New year 2020. Once the Pikies left Chavs came back and eventually squatters and homeless started using the building (Thank the above for looking like a hobo myself).

The building was designed to resemble the Cornmill building that used to stand on the same site. After spotting stealth turds and walking into a room to suddenly see some homeless person sleeping on some sheets surrounded by tea lights I decided leaving the upper floors as they were mostly trashed and also decided against going onto the roof of the main stairwell/ lift shaft incase I had woken the homeless person up.

It is a shame what the vandals and pikies did to the place, if the wiring wasn't all over the place and things were as they were this would have been a very very good place to poke about in.