View Full Version : billingham house 12/08 - ARCHIVE

28-12-2008, 03:04 PM
Supposedly sheduled for total demo and site clearence by the end of 2008 the rumour is that money ran out part way through the asbestos clearence.
There was plant on site a couple of months back with a 24/7 security presence but the diggers etc have gone and so have security.

Its still very open with just some herras around the site perimiter with the addition of a few "controled demolition" signs and the locals are still compleatly unintrested if they see people going in.
The area around the site has been cleared of all the crap that was there probably to allow the machinery access when demo was about to go ahead.

The ladder to the very top has been removed but you can still get to the top floor of offices




ICI panarama in day light

and night

towards billingham town

Its not worth doing a compleat site explore as the buildings shit. Just open plan office spaces but the view over ICI is still one of my favourites by night